[08/04/16] Meatballz 3rd Anniversary w/ Oblivion Underground – Antwerpen


A great Oblivion Underground Tour weekend in Belgium with the crew! We all arrived in Antwerpen on Friday daytime at varying times, due to the disruptions at Brussels airport, so the whole team were in completely different time zones, but we all did our best to re-align before the party.

We arranged a large dinner at the famous “all you can eat”Amadeus Antwerpen 1 for the whole Oblivion Undergroundcrew, friends and associates. We ended up with 18 people at the restaurant. This speciality ribs restaurant was ace and, boy, did we make the most of the “all you can eat” option : It was an absolute massacre! 😀

Following the meal, we made our way to the Petrol. The club was filling up nicely and the drinks started to flow with Pentaand DJ Ghandy being the first set we got to enjoy in full right after our arrival.
Following on from this, Joe ET and Splinter Cell. took to the decks and played a set of mid pace industrial and crossbreed.
By the end of this set the place was really quite full ready forDeathmachine to step up. He was, as usual, absolutely fantastic! Taking the crowd on a journey of his typical ruthless and mechanical debauchery.
Dolphin Official followed up with a set of clinical and genre obliterating core… The crowd was going absolutely sick by this stage. It was truly a sight to behold! 😀
Khaoz Engine stepped up next, and, despite him saying he felt a little ill before his set (7 racks of ribs is probably enough to make anyone feel a little unwell haha), he was on point as usual and gave the crowd exactly what they wanted.
DJ Devastator was next and had been instructed that the leash was off, and boy did he devastate! Absolutely relentless!
Steve Orange closed the night with a set that ramped up the BPMs and had everybody leaving happy and totally core’d out.

All in all, the night was a success with reported door numbers around the 600 mark, which we were really happy with! Everyone had a fantastic time and it was so nice to spend time with so many great friends.

Following the party, there was the obligatory after party, recovery period, and then a great sunny last day on the Sunday, where we had a nice walk, beers and meal, following by a mad rush to the airport where we feared we might be late (with finally quite a funny ride by van to the airport for 7 of us and being perfectly on time).

We would like to express our thanks to the Hardcore Meatballz crew for inviting us to the party, all of the artists that performed so well for both #Meatballz & Oblivion Underground, and all the loyal supporters and friends that made it along to witness the night and enjoy the ride.
We feel totally blessed to have achieved this leg of our Tour (Belgium is a special place to us, and what we stand for) and we hope to be back there soon! 😉

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