“Recreating The Classics” w/ Starving Insect – LENNY DEE – FORGOTTEN MOMENTS

Recreating The Classics w/ Starving Insect
Watch it here: YOUTUBE

“Forgotten Moments by Lenny Dee was released in 1997 on LD Records, a short-lived sublabel of Industrial Strength Records and based on the numbers of requests I’ve received for this track it holds a very special place in the hearts of many gabbers.
I did my best at recreating it as close as possible to the original (although if you stick around until the end there are some surprises).
What do you think? How close did I get?”

Full list of equipment used for this recreation
/// Hardware:
– Roland Alpha Juno
– Mackie 1604-VLZ
– Behringer RD-9
– Roland W-30
– Arturia Microbrute
– Roland Tb-03
/// Software:
– TAL-Sampler

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