Oblivion Underground Xmas Greetings


Oblivion Underground Seasons Greetings

OBLIVION UNDERGROUND WISHES YOU A MERRY XMAS! And we wanted to treat you with few special gifts... Read below to know more about it! ________________________________________________________________________________________________ So, it's been a good year for us, with 3 releases, 3 parties in 3 different countries, and ... Read More »

December 23, 2016




#OBLIVION005 IS OUT! Check all the info out right there : ► Nonexistent (aka Switch Technique) - Blender EP - Oblivion Underground Recordings 005

December 08, 2016

Oblivion Underground on Bandcamp


Oblivion Underground on Bandcamp

In order to make our music more accessible for everyone (and at a better price) we have opened the official Oblivion Underground Bandcamp store, so we just updated the "Recordings" menu and "Label Releases" information.

November 20, 2016