Oblivion DJ Competition – Submit Your Sets!

Not sure if you saw this yet, but we are running a DJ competition at our new regular event in Belgium. Its a really cool opportunity.

If you want to enter, here’s the information. You or your friend could be in the final at Oblivion – Tripped 2h, Stefan ZMK 2h, Penta, Joe ET – Void Sound !

Tag your talented friends  👇


We are running a DJ competition. The best entrants and will go HEAD TO HEAD on the night of OBLIVION 10.05.19, being judged by Krew and headliners. Cool right?! 👇 read on! 👇


We are building an exciting new community from the grass roots up at our new home, as well as having events in multiple locations in Europe.

We are searching the finest, passionate talent out there to be part of our community and perform at our events, feature on our shows and maybe even release on our record label.


► We want to hear
– People who live and breathe music
– People with exceptional talent
– People who deserve a break
– People with passion
► Does this sound like you? Someone you know? (tag them!)
► Got what it takes to perform at OBLIVION and be judged by us?

Now is your chance to prove yourself!


► We want the following genres:
Acid Tekno, Hard Techno, Industrial Techno, Doomcore, Darkcore, Crossbreed, Hardcore Drum and Bass, Industrial, Hardcore, Hardcore Techno, UK Hardcore, Rave, Gabber, Millenium, Early, Breakbeat
► We DO NOT want the following genres:
Uptempo / Frenchcore / Pystrance / Donk
► Length: 30 minute
► Format: Minimum 320kbps mp3
► Send all entries to oblivionstpdemos@gmail.comwith the following:
– DJ name
– Real name
– Genre
– What equipment the set was recorded with
– Link to your set
– Tracklist
– Where you are from
– Telephone number
– Links to your networks


► Entries MUST be submitted before 14.04.2019.
► You must be available to play at OBLIVION in Mechelen, BE on 10.05.2019

We look forward to hearing from you 

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