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Kamille Ettighoffer / KaM Artwork

Kam’ is a freelance senior graphic designer (print, web, video…), community manager and web admin.

She has been an electronic music afficionados since her childhood, thanks to a rich and atypical musical environment provided by her family, but became a passionate lover of Hardcore music in 1993, after discovering the Thunderdome compilations.
She knew about the rave scene for a long time when she started partying around 16, but her first real step in the scene was few years after when she integrated the big #IRC Freetekno community, very famous at this time and gathering thousands of freaky free-parties people. She then connected with musicians, DJs, producers, promoters and activists as passionate as her, and, from a step to an other, at 19 she started to work with the french sound-system Elektroniktou.

After some time, she left Elektroniktou and became an active member of Teknomad, the famous hardcore sound-system from Paris, which was fitting better to her personal and musical identity. At first she’s been in charge of the online communication -following the quick development of Internet at this time-, then also started to take in charge the website & forum administration, and a thing leading to an other, she had to develop her graphic & web designer skills to master all of her missions.
These experiences helped her to discover the music universe and jobs she would later enjoy as a professional.

Still active within Teknomad, her passion for hard music made her more curious and naturally lead her to Holland, where she began partying in 2003. In the meantime she moved a bit from the free-party scene to club based parties all over the France, which lead her to work with crews like Bagheera, Party Uniq and the famous Epileptik for graphic design or event promotion missions.

In 2008 she left Teknomad, but stayed involved in the scene as she integrated the Hardcore Basic team, running one of the biggest and most active French hardcore web community at this time.
In 2009 she joined the Trip & Teuf association (now also known as the Festimove party travels company) where she was graphic designer, community manager and also a consultant, offering her experience and contacts.

Through her years of intensive partying and various artistic collaborations, she managed to build a strong network of relationships all over the European scene.
In 2012 she set her heart on Germany as a base and began work within the german scene for MinuPren and his duo with Stormtrooper called “The Brutal & Sadistic Show“, and also for the Tbase Store owned by DJ B.A. from the Chemnitz’s Hakke Hardcore Heroes crew.
In 2014 she finally relocated from France to her new home, Berlin.

Kam’s first UK collaboration was beginning of 2015 for Hell is Hard Events, doing all the graphic design identity of their 4th anniversary party, and later for Joe ET from Oblivion Underground.
Her official on boarding with Oblivion Underground started in September 2015, after demonstrating a particular desire for attention to detail and impressive networking, social media and design skills, which is a truly valuable asset to the team.

Since then -beside of other international collaborations- she managed to update the Oblivion Underground’s graphic identity, she upgraded, developped and improved our social medias (also with the opening of our YouTube channel and Instagram account), she’s creating our videos and newsletters, designed most of our Oblivion Underground Recordings releases, and -last but not least- entirely built our brand new website!

#Specialist skills:
– Graphic Design
– Web Design & Web Mastering
– Video Editing (aka Motion Design)
– Editorial & Publishing
– Social Network & Media Management
– Networking
– Marketing
– Promotions

#Social Media:
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